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April 7, 2017 Devotion - St. John 12:20-26

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Posted: Friday, April 7th, 2017 by Pastor Westgate

“The hour has come for The Son of Man to be glorified.” Wait a second. I thought He was about to be crucified? Jesus, that sure sounds like You’re saying crucifixion = glory! That’s impossible! Crucifixion is the worst death imaginable! Philippians 2 even admits that! Crucifixion = glory? Never!

Think again! When it comes to Jesus, crucifixion = glory. How can that be? You got crucified if you did something really bad. Jesus did nothing bad. Everybody knew it too. He got no justice, right? That’s what it looks like. So humiliating!

So what do you deserve for your bad deeds? A trip to the principal’s office? Detention? No recess? No TV? Time out? Getting read the riot act? Corporal punishment? Those are just some of the ways your parents or teachers may punish you for bad stuff you do in school or at home. How does God punish? With death and hell.

But He doesn’t want to punish you. So He punished Jesus instead. He suffered hell itself and died. What utter humiliation! God Eternal humiliated Himself. Why? So He won’t humiliate you eternally. So He doesn’t have to punish you forever. That’s how Jesus’ Crucifixion is His glory. You praise Him because He died for you. His glory is that He died to forgive your sins and rescue you from hell. He is glorified through His Death because His Death gives you eternal glory.

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