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Veterans Day Devotion, Minersville Cemetery - I Corinthians 6:20

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Posted: Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 by Pastor Westgate

Nothing is free. Government programs are paid for by taxes and fees. Scholarships are paid for by endowments. Coupons are paid for by people buying more than they normally would. Freedom isn’t free. It is purchased with blood. It is preserved with blood. Many men buried here learned this. They knew it. They went into war fully aware that they might shed their blood and perhaps even die for their country. But they went, ready to serve their country and their families.

Today’s Gospel from St. Matthew 9 told us the story of the raising of Jairus’ daughter. This young girl, only 12 years old, had died. But her synagogue ruler father Jairus still begged Christ our God to raise her. The professional mourners at the house mocked Him for claiming He has power over death. But He said, “Little girl, arise,” and she got up and was as good as new.

Her freedom from death on that day did not come without a price. He purchased it. He did not just raise the dead during His ministry, like this girl or the boy in Nain, just to be nice. He did it to proclaim in deed His mission. His Father sent Him to kill death. So He went to war with it. He fought the battle on His Cross. He shed His Blood like a mighty warrior and died, for “The LORD is a man of war, the LORD is His Name.” But His Cross put a stake in death’s heart. It could not hold Him. The fish spit out Jonah on the third day, and Christ burst out of death and burst death on the thrd day.

Our soldiers fight so we will remain free citizens of these United States of America. Christ Jesus fought to deliver us from the power of darkness and to translate us into His kingdom. In Him we have redemption through His Blood, even the forgiveness of sins. You are free. You are free to live not however you like, but as a good citizen, a moral citizen, someone who plays his role in society so things go well. You are free. You are free from death, free from sin, free from Satan’s power. So live like it. Live like God’s own dear child. Live your desire to please Him. How? By keeping His Ten Commandments, the very thing a nation needs from its citizens. Then you honor both God the Blessed Trinity and your country, her soldiers, and her citizens by believing and obeying His holy Word.

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