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RLS Chapel, January 6, 2017 (Epiphany) - St. Matthew 2:1-12

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Posted: Friday, January 6th, 2017 by Pastor Westgate

Do you like to look at the stars? One of my favorite classes in college was astronomy. One of the best parts was this: on a couple nights we went up on top of our school to look up at the stars with a telescope. What a sight to see all those beautiful, and colorful!, stars and planets!

Do you know who else liked to look at stars? The wise men! That’s one of the things they were paid to do out in Babylon or Persia. So they were really surprised when they saw the “star of wonder, star of night, star of royal beauty bright.” They saw it was over Judah, and they knew the Jewish Scriptures talked about a star coming out of Jacob when the great King Messiah came, so off they went to Jerusalem.

The star didn’t take them there. The Bible seems to be telling us they saw it when they were home, but they didn’t necessarily see it during their trip, since they were quite happy to see it again when they left Herod. They didn’t find Jesus in Jerusalem. He wasn’t at the capital. He isn’t a national leader, like Mr. Trump is about to be. He’s The Savior.

So how can you find Him? His Word gives Him to you. That’s how the wise men found Him. Micah told them to go to Bethlehem, and they believed God’s Word. God’s Word led them to The Child in Bethlehem. He gave them the star to show them exactly where, so they wouldn’t have to go from door to door, and He gave it because they believed.

Where do you find Jesus? The stars don’t lead you to Him. Creation can’t tell you about Him. What leads you to Him to worship Him with the wise men? The Bible does! God’s Word led the wise men to Jesus, and God’s Word leads you to Him too. It tells you He died for you. It tells you He alone gives you eternal life. Creation – that includes the stars – can’t tell you that. Only God’s Word does. Salvation is found nowhere else. Be sorry for your sins, and hear His Word say to you: “This Baby born of Mary died for you. You are forgiven! You will live with Jesus forever! God loves you!”

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