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RLS Chapel, September 9, 2016 - St. Matthew 6:24-34

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Posted: Friday, September 9th, 2016 by Pastor Westgate

What do you worry about? We all worry. Maybe you worry about your grades. Maybe you worry about being liked. Maybe you worry about being the best-dressed kid on campus. Maybe you worry about any or every part of your life. Today Jesus tells you: don’t worry, trust Me!

Trust Jesus. That’s what The First Commandment is all about. Trust Jesus. You should have no other gods but the true God, and you should fear, love, and trust in Him above all else, and He’s Jesus. The One Who was born of Mary, The One Who died on The Cross, is true God, and there is none other. Trust Him. When you worry, you’re not trusting Him; that means you’ve got another god.

What does He desire? He wants to be your God. He wants to be your Master. But what does that mean? We think of slave-masters as people who boss people around, who have no mercy on anybody, who are just cruel dictators who don’t care about their slaves. But is that Jesus?

No, it isn’t. He isn’t a meanie. He doesn’t want you to hate Him or think poorly of Him. That’s how slaves think of their masters. He wants you to love Him and desire to be with Him and live the way He wants you to.

How does He get you to love Him? He says, “I made you. I love you. I died for you. Don’t be afraid of Me. I want to take care of you every day of your life. I died to take away your sins. So I’m definitely going to care for you every day of your life. Trust Me. I keep all My promises.”

So what does that mean for school? It does not mean that you shouldn’t try your best. He’s given you the gifts you need: your parents, your teachers, your school, your own brain, to help you succeed. He’ll give you what you need, every bit of it, of clothing and shoes, food and drink, house and home, and whatever you need for this body and life.

How do you know He’ll do it? Because He also wants to give you His righteousness. That’s a big word. That means He wants to declare you not guilty of your sins: everything you’ve done to break His Law. That’s why He died. Your parents may punish you in many ways. God has punishments too. But He threw them all at Jesus on The Cross. He was punished for you, and God will never punish you. Today He says to you: “I love you. I forgive you. I’ll care for you.” Trust Him.

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