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RLS Chapel, October 21, 2016 - St. John 4:46-54

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Posted: Friday, October 21st, 2016 by Pastor Westgate

Jesus is Lord. Jesus is God. This is the central point of our Christian faith. This is our constant focus. It’s not about us. It’s about Jesus. It’s about how Jesus is FOR YOU!

In the Gospel we just heard we hear why Jesus is the center. His Word has great power – saving power. That’s what Jesus was talking about when He told the nobleman he wouldn’t believe unless he saw signs and wonders. That’s not being nice! He meant this: “Believe what I say, not just what I do. My Word is enough!”

But the man didn’t get the message right away. He asked Jesus to come with him. Maybe he thought that’s what Jesus wanted. But Jesus said: “Go your way, your son lives.” And something happened. He believed Jesus’ Word. He didn’t beg The Lord to go with him. He just left. And before he got home his slaves told him his son was healed – at the very moment The Lord said to him: “Go your way, your son lives.”

God’s Word works. He spoke at the very beginning, and all things were made, just like that! What He said was spoken into being. It became a reality. Nothing evolved. He spoke it and it was! So of course He could heal this child from a distance with just His Word.

He heals you from a distance with His Word too. But from what? After all, in hospitals and doctors’ offices and at home he uses doctors and nurses and your parents. But He still has a healing word for you. It’s a word that will, in the life to come, give you a life free from sickness. Why? Sickness is in this world because of sin.

So what’s that healing word? Jesus said on His Cross: “It is finished!” That means your sin is conquered, destroyed, buried, gone, pardoned, forgiven. What does that mean here and now? Every Friday in chapel we confess our sins, and I forgive you. But it’s not me doing it. It’s Jesus. Jesus is speaking to you. He is forgiving you. And because He says it, it’s so. He’s God. He can do that. He loves to do that. He’s not going to stop. Your sins are gone. Eternal life is yours. Believe it!

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